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Great advertising win hearts & do not break budgets

As a designer working in the industry for over 7 years, it’s more common that companies are spending little or no money on their advertising ,due to budget cuts and big losses in 2014. A trend that should be in reverse order to sell and be more productive in the industry. This does not mean that one has to go out there and hire the flashiest advertising company to build one’s websites or advertising material. Small companies are well and truly able to deliver advertising that has big impact, at a very affordable rate.

In 2015 I am imploring companies to take a different approach-to really step out of the box and try to win hearts. What do I mean by that ? I mean sell the idea behind the product, with some fantastically simple but elegant design. Once you win hearts, the mind will make a logical decision to invest in the product or service you are trying to sell. This creates an emotional buyer, who buys with his heart and this type of a person will become a loyal customer for life.

This is not a new concept. Apple (who used to be Apple Computers) uses the same philosophy with their marketing and now they are becoming an unstoppable force in the marketplace. With personal devices such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad and the Apple Watch, they continue to dominate by winning hearts. Fantastically rich but simple advertising draws their customers in, the customers then fall in love with the super simple but extravagantly rich designed devices, and once the product is being used, a customer can truly see fantastic value. As an avid Microsoft user for over 10 years it was hard for me to switch from PC to MAC, but Apple's fantastic marketing, highly enthusiastic loyal community, and a final frustration with PC’s always failing on me,drove me to invest in an Apple computer. From the time I opened the box it was a beautiful experience; even the packaging it comes in is beautiful. It did not take me long to realise that this is truly a computer far superior to any other computer out there in terms of hardware performance and superior software. And now when people ask me if I will ever switch back to a PC, I funnily say ‘Once you go Mac, you never go back’.

All that said, consumers are initially attracted by great advertising and a fantastic service that will ensure long term loyalty. Companies are often under the impression that local advertising resources are far too expensive and will significantly eat into their marketing budgets. However working with small to medium sized marketing companies can prove beneficial, and sometimes can even provide better quality of work all around.

We certainly like to think that our service offering is very affordable and not to blow my own trumpet: pride ourselves in providing some top notch, cutting edge design + development services for a price that won't break the bank. If you're thinking ‘I wish I put a dollar away for every time I heard that’, give us a call and compare our service offering to another local provider.

For more information please call: +61 03 9782 6631.