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Fantastic Logo Design

Having a strong logo design for your company will clearly identify the value and opportunity you can bring to another business.
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It is important to create a Corporate Brand / Image for your company
A corporate brand can create a singular idea or concept inside the mind of the prospect - whether customer or partner prospect. We can create a new logo design or just update an existing logo design to bring it up to a modern standard.

Why create a Brand?
Customers think of brands, not companies – become a concept that retains mind-share for what you do. The core aim is that your logo and branding will engender a connection in peoples' minds, so they will always recognize your brand even if they are exposed to it for a short amount of time. We guarantee a service that can provide you with a brand image you and your employees will be proud of. 

Your Logo and Brand has to be:
  • Unique
  • Identifiable
  • Related
  • Retain

All our onsite logo design development is done in Melbourne, Australia. We however work with clients from all over Australia and the world in developing fantastic logo designs. Please call +61 (03) 9782 6631 and talk to an expert about creating a logo design for your company.  

Some of our logo designs


Developing a Logo Design
There are 4 basic steps involved in the development process of a great logo design.
logo design sydney Market Research
Will develop the core data and objectives for designing a logo or branding image for your company. During this phase, we establish your:

  • Industry sector and
  • Pre-Design survey of existing corporate image and consumer perceptions
logo design melbourne Corporate Definition
Understand the essence of what makes your company different from your competitors or where it is heading in the future. We try to define the past, present and future of your company, so that we can create a brand that is reflective of your past but good enough for your company to be represented in the future as a progressive company.

Careful consideration is given to your industry sector and to where your company is currently positioned in the marketplace.
sydney logos Production
After understanding your market and your company, we move into developing a few logo design concepts for your company. We take into consideration that your logo will appear on a few different media platforms such as:
  • Web
  • Print
  • Television
And we make sure that we produce your logo in a vector format that can be used on all of these mediums. We take pride in what we do and we guarantee client satisfaction.
melbourne logos Project debriefing
It is during a project debriefing that a style guide is created for your company that will aptly define your brand and clearly label in what formats or variations your logo can be used in. Colours used in the logo are also specified in a project style guide. The style guide becomes important because it will be used in every other project you might do with us such as developing a Website or other print materials.

logo design portfolio Talk to an expert today and find out how easy it is to develop a corporate brand for your company.
Call Melbourne on +61 (03) 9782 6631 for an obligation free quote.