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Your Advertising Online and Offline

Got a great Idea? A great product or service?
How do you actively promote your product or service to the world and really get noticed!

You can have the best product or service but you need to get out there and promote yourself. Try not to think of it as something that is a 'One off ' thing but more an ongoing strategy that will help you meet your monthly targets. 

Step 1: Start with an Advertising plan

We are no advertising experts but this is what we would recommend a small to medium business to do:
  • Identify who your markets:
    For example: if you are selling sugar free chocolates your target audience would primarily be diabetics, health professionals and anyone else who would be interested in sugar free products.
  • Identify how to possibly reach your target market:
    For example: if you are a lawn mowing company one way to possibly reach your audience is to organize letter drops to advertise a monthly special that will entice home owners to use your services.

  • Have a solid brand image 
    Develop a solid logo design and brand image before you start developing a web site or any other print material. Have a look at our web design and logo design portfolio for some examples of the latest work we have done.
  • Spread your eggs, be consistent and keep at it:
    Promote your products and services via a few different means such as Web Design, Print Design and Social Networks. Create monthly campaigns and make sure all your monthly marketing material has a consistent marketing message. It will create a unity for your brand and increase the recognition for your company's image. For example: your website advertising banner, your flyer(pamphlet) and your email advertisement for the month can all have the same marketing message, but different audience.

  • By all means be creative:
    The more creative you get with your advertising the more you will get noticed. Try not to be too conservative and give the creative guys a chance to really make your product stand out. Talk to us more about your concept development and corporate branding.
Driving home a particular campaign you have in mind and hammer it in with a number of different media. It is bound to boost sales.

Step 2: Put plans into motion

Got a great plan ready to go now. Print out the diagram below and keep reminding yourself of the different medias you can use to help you with your advertising.

Don't lose focus of your advertising plan and plan it out well. The diagram below is a well thought of advertising plan that can be deployed as an advertising strategy. 


We offer all of the web services listed in the diagram above. Our main digital service offerings are : Web Design, Joomla Web Design, Flash Web Design, Outsourcing Web Design, Link Building, E-Mail Marketing. 

Step 3: Keep a track of information , know what's working for you, and build on it.

Keep a track of whats working for your advertising and build on it. Don't forget or be afraid to ask clients how they heard about yours product or service. Keep a manual record of what part of your advertising strategy is working. This information will come in handy when you are planning your next marketing campaign. Start to cross reference different mediums to see whats working for you :

For example if SMS marketing has worked wonders for your business. Great we now know one form of marketing that really really works for you. Now lets try to build on that and increase your SMS marketing list to reach a broader net of people Publicise via your website and e-mail marketing an option for your visitors to sign up onto a daily SMS list.

Use your media network to boost and support other components of your advertising strategy. Keeping a track of information will just mean better planning of resources for your next advertising campaign and give you an accurate measure on ROI’s (Return on Investment) for your company.